In psychoanalysis, the analytic third is the theory that when two people convene, they create something new -- a jointly created unconscious life. There is one person, the other person, and in their exchange, openness, ideas, and feelings, they create a new entity. 

The Third is a space for us to experience our expansion together.

Hello. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Jamie.

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada in an immigrant household with a complicated origin story.  

I am a feminine leader. My power zone is to operate from a place of feeling while being driven to make things happen -- especially for others.

I am a creative. I bridge together what is logical and rational to the imaginary.  I co-create new concepts and perspectual awareness through real life experiences. 

In a previous life, I co-founded and led a business. As coach at Reboot, I work with leaders who want to make a meaningful impact on the world. 

The Third: Experiences

The Third is manifested in our shared curiousity.  We’re deliberately in the discomfort of the unknown together. That’s where magic happens.

6 Month experience for First time Women Founders. A cohort of select founders experienced their evolution and shared wisdom.

Half day retreat with Mother Leaders A group of mother leaders found something they didn’t know they had lost. 

The Third: 1:1 Coaching

In my work as a coach, our Third is present. We hold it as a wise entity that can be consulted in moments of doubt or in the face of challenge.

I champion ideas worth doing and the people behind them.  My roster is currently full. 

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Nice things others have said:

“Jamie is so human. Open, empathetic and relatable...and she’ll respectfully call you out on your bullshit.”

“She brings me somewhere new, somewhere unexpected all the time.”

“I now have the tools and confidence to pursue the life I actually want to live.”

“Her magic lies in working alongside you to create possibilities in your life that you never dreamed could exist.”

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