Half-Day Retreat

Friday May 7th 2021
08.00 - 14.00 PST

For Mothers who are entrepreneurs, executives and professional creators.

Designed with BALANCE in mind:
    • Movement between being online and offline
    • In your mind and in your body
    • Connect with a group and on your own

Seats are limited.

What To Expect

By leveraging our wisdom and dedicating space for self, you can expect:
    • A sense of belonging within a community of inspiring Mother Leaders
    • A feeling of being in deeper relationship with yourself and your power 
    • A feeling of being replenished and energized

For this Retreat to work, you will need:
    • Up to 6 hrs where you are free of obligations
    • Physical space that will allow you to feel away from your work and your family*
    • No internet phone use
    • Space for being in your body (indoors / outdoors)

- Take a different room in the house and make it ‘Off Limits’
- Create a space outside with wifi as your sanctuary space
- Rent an Airbnb or hotel room for a day.


Hello. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Jamie.

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada in an immigrant household with a complicated origin story. My upbringing and ancestry equipped me to learn and adapt to many walks of life.

I am a feminine leader. My power zone is to operate from a place of feeling while being driven to make things happen -- especially for others.

In a previous life, I co-founded and led a business. I’ve had the fortune to work alongside talented folks at The United Nations, TED, LEGO, Nike, adidas, and Google.

As coach at Reboot, I work with entrepreneurs, executives, activists, scientists and artists who want to make a meaningful impact within their organizations and their communities.

I am a mother to my 5 year old, Koji.

Nice things others have said:

“Jamie is so human. Open, empathetic and relatable...and she’ll respectfully call you out on your bullshit.”

“She brings me somewhere new, somewhere unexpected all the time.”

“I now have the tools and confidence to pursue the life I actually want to live.”

“Her magic lies in working alongside you to create possibilities in your life that you never dreamed could exist.”

Join Us

Friday May 7th 2021
08.00  - 14.00 PST

Seats are limited.

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